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Knitted POLO short sleeve top cashmere with organic cotton soft and lightweight



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Knitted POLO with collar. Discarding the traditional stuffy impression, we redesigned the POLO shirt from the form and material. The PROPORTION THAT USES PROPER MAGNIFY AND LOOSE QUANTITY, MAKE WHOLE DRESS SLACK languOR LAZY, AND SPONTANEOUS SEX FREE and EASY.
This spring and summer we specially developed this fan-shaped hollow flower, also like rows of ginkgo leaves. The high quality yarn is made of cashmere and organic cotton, which has the characteristics of cashmere, softness and lightness, and also has the effect of dry, breathable and moisture absorption of cotton yarn. Hollow out flower is fashionable and romantic, but the color texture is very soft. Single wear can be matched inside the thin T-shirt, as the interior is the point of spring, summer and autumn season fine pen.


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