Between lazy comfort and exquisite minimalism. Can be paired with casual suits or loose summer shorts.

A retro artistic printed shirt full of bookish atmosphere. Our specially designed and produced original series of prints are based on flower and bird illustrations from antique books, combined with a pure cotton base fabric with a beige sand washed texture, as if the illustrations from ancient books are threaded onto the body. The density distribution of the patterns is full of rhythm, making each clothing pattern relaxed and balanced.
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Sand-washed cotton printed long-sleeved shirt with natural texture

Full of bookish retro literary print shirt. We specially designed and produced the original series of prints, which are based on the illustrations of flowers and birds in antique books, combined with the pure cotton bottom cloth with beige sand wash texture, as if the illustrations in ancient books were worn on the body. The density distribution of the pattern is full of rhythm, so that each garment pattern is relaxed and balanced,

The version is also very elegant. We adjusted the circumference, length and even collar size of the long-sleeved shirt to match the fabric to achieve a relaxed but still delicate and introverted state. Single wear song literature and art, as the interior is the whole body point fine.


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